In 1974, OKADA GAJ corp. was established as “OKADA TRADING INC.”, which traded cemented carbide drills for Printed Circuit Boards. More than 40 years since its establishment, we all have been working hard for making all customers satisfy. As a result, we are pleasure to have over 500 business partners and to expand our business field to other tools and equipment for PCB manufacture, CNC machines, consumed supplies and drill repointing service. Moreover, we have been trying to move in different fields, such as electrical home appliances and so on. We are handling our own brand “eureks” oil radiator heaters, and “TEMCO” the energy saving products for water pipe heater. In addition to the head office in Tokyo and the branch office in Nagano, we have opened the representative Shanghai office “OKADA GAJ (SHANGHAI) corp.” in 2003 and the representative Thailand office “OKADA GAJ (Thailand) Co., Ltd.” in 2012. The overseas trading business has been operating with these overseas offices, mainly for Chinese and the Southeast Asia’s markets.
For the company sustainable growing in future with our partners and customers, we have to pursue our efforts with a strong belief and faith, “in Every Action, by Every Member”. I believe we can get further reliability as the organization, by being conscious of the self-significance of existence and responsible behavior for the society. First, the company power comes from each individual effort. Thus, we will keep our company environment which can provide an achieved satisfaction through every work with encouraging each member’s ability. In order to accomplish this mission, we always try our best to focus on continuing better communication and having appreciation for all.
The environment of the society is changing drastically as never before and becoming more and more severe situation. Without compromising the present situation, we will perform our duties by keeping our awareness of the important issues with challenging spirit, and by improving and creating better services & new products.
I would like you to understand our straight & open-minded company’s style, as our company policy “Take Things As It Is”, by our founder, Kikue Okada. I swear to contribute to the society through our company activities.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.