Introduction of Energy Saving Products such as Energy Saving System『Ene Save』, Heat Shielding Paints, Water Purification Equipment for Cooling Tower『Scale Cleaner』, Induction Lamps『Eco Loop』etc…

Energy Saving Product 『New Save 90』


Partnered with TEMCO co., ltd., we had developed an unique energy saving product for water pipe heater (preventing frozen in winter), and had been awarded Energy Saving Vanguard 21 and Railway Electrical Engineering Association of Japan prize in 1994. Since then, we have been handling this item, now named as “NEW Save 90”. By its simple operation and high efficiency, we receive high evaluation from many customers.

Energy Saving System 『Ene Save』

Energy saving up to 15 – 25 % !

  • Air controlled compressor is efficiently controlled and makes the electricity usage reduction possible!
  • The electricity usage by day and month can be acquired as data. You can check actual cost effectiveness.
  • Not only the electricity usage reduction, it can make demand (basic charge) reduction possible!
  • Due to reduction in CO2, it helps prevent global warming!

Heat Shielding Paint by roof and window 『ZEFFLE』

It enables to minimize solar energy and contributes to temperature environment and air conditioning efficiency improvement inside of the building.

Water Treating Equipment for Cooling Tower『Scale Cleaner』

  • It is to remove the scale in piping such as inorganic components in water silica,
    Calcium, Magnesium changed water quality as Sodium Chloride.
    ※Same image as humidifier chalk
  • These contaminations such as scaling and sliming which will adhere to the equipped factories and building.
  • Not only it hastens the deterioration of the facilities, but also it causes corrosion and the damage of the plumbing. It also causes a drop in heat exchange efficiency and the power consumption increase.

Mercury Lamps 『Eco Loop』

  • Long life, high light, high color rendering energy saving lighting adapted by the light source (three-wavelength), which is the easiest recognized by human eyes.
  • The facilities such as factories, logistics, warehouse, gymnasium, commercial work environment, lots of visual environment, high ceiling environment where you using mercury lamps and HID create bright and vivid lighting room to avoiding shadow or glare.
    ※Mercury lamp lasts for approx. 2 years and eco loop lasts for approx. 12 years.