PCB Tools


As one of the biggest sales agent of UNION TOOL CO. in Japan, which is producing cemented carbide drill and router bits for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) with a top market share in the world, we are pleasure to announce you that we receive high evaluation and favorable comments from many customers for quality, delivery and customer service.


Repointing Service


We have drill repointing machines in the head office and Nagano branch. We can respond to our customers’ request for quality, cost and on time delivery services.

CNC Machines


As the domestic sales agent of Takeuchi Co., Ltd., which is produced CNC drilling and router machines featuring the precision, efficiency and reliability of these systems, evaluated not only in Japan but also in overseas as well, we are pleased to offer our customers various kinds of Takeuchi’s products.


Measurement & Consumed supplies

We are handling measurement for tools, NC peripheral equipment, drill repointing machine, entry and back board, cemented carbide cutters, other equipment for industrial field.